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During these days rumors are also starts to come that he and her partner are secretly engaged and they reveal their wedding at a time when they get time from their busy routine.In this relationship period of time they come on media together and number of time also express their feelings that their life his more happy after engaging of this love relationship.The brunette and Pattinson have been seen together on a number of other occasions.Only a few weeks ago, Pattinson and Liebes were spotted holding hands during a night out at Soho House in West Hollywood.Before going to discuss currently relationship its necessary that one give over view of his past deep love story.One can makes an idea of his ex love that Pattinson shift his personal item at her partner place and for a period of time they live together.He says that opinions and demands change rather quickly than expected.

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But Pattinson thinks that he can do a fine job playing a 17-year-old romantic vampire again even in his 30s. Before his breakup with co-star Stewart, he really wanted to be part of spin-off and reboots of the franchise.

His answers have changed on the subject over the years.

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Robert Pattinson (born May 13, 1986 in London) is an actor in the UK and US, notable for his role as the teen vampire Edward Cullen in the 2008 movie adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's book Twilight.

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