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There were no changes made to the payroll card requirements from the June 15draft.Prior to the March 7 effective date, New York employers who pay employees via payroll cards will need to review their program to determine changes that will need to be implemented in order to continue to offer payroll cards as a method of wage payment.Sexual harassment consensual relationships, SDA 406 pregnant student-athletes, SDA 407 Amplification levels near Memorial Union, SSM 802–03 Animals laboratory, care and use, RSP 202 in Memorial Union, SSM 801–01 purchasing, PUR 401–01 service, SSM 701–06.Student(s) with disabilities Anti-kickback guidelines, PUR 108 Appeals athletic grant-in-aid appeal process, SDA 501, SSM 303–05 for financial aid, SSM 301–04 intellectual property management, RSP 604 residency reclassification, SSM 205–01 student-athlete, SDA 501 transfer of credits, SSM 401–02 Appointment(s).For individual federal and state statutes, use the box below to filter articles by federal or a specific state.

On a positive note, perhaps the most burdensome requirement in the draft rules was modified in the final version.

Student(s), with disabilities Accounting controls for affiliated entities, FIN 130 Accounting Services, FIN 101 Accounts Receivable deposits, FIN 306 fiscal year-end closing, FIN 105 Adjustments to salary for classified employees, non-faculty administrators, and university staff, SPP 403–08 Administrative holds on registration for classes, SSM 201–07 Administrative leave of absence, SPP 704–06 Administrator, faculty, ACD 504. Advanced degrees and graduate study, faculty and academic professionals, ACD 206 Advantage access security, FIN 114 Helpline and training, FIN 101 Advertising for bids, PUR 501–02 on campus, PDP 208 student media, SSM 1401–02 Advising, ACD 305–08 Affiliated entity policy, FIN 130 Affirmative action and equal opportunity.

Nondiscrimination Africanized bee problem, FAC 109 Agency/org(s), FIN 200 administrative services charge, FIN 206 agency accounts, FIN 214 appropriation budget changes, FIN 102–01 audits coordination by taxing authorities, FIN 205–02 liaison, FIN 205–01 business manager responsibilities, FIN 210 for capital programs, CPM 502 closing, FIN 207 fiscal year-end , FIN 105 for construction projects, FIN 209 endowments, ASU, FIN 216 org manager responsibilities, FIN 203 plant project and debt financing fees, FIN 208 resale activities to public, FIN 213 for research and sponsored projects, FIN 211 deficits, RSP 509–04 establishing, RSP 501 guaranteeing delinquent, RSP 506–04 state operating, FIN 111 vice presidential and college responsibilities, FIN 215 Agreement negotiation and acceptance for sponsored projects, RSP 401 AIDS, ACD 406, SPP 313, SSM 106–02 Aircraft accident, PDP 104–03 for research and sponsored projects travel, RSP 504–01 Air quality investigations (indoor), EHS 402 Alcohol ASU-affiliated entity expenditure for, FIN 130 in Memorial Union, SSM 801–01, SSM 801–03 and other drugs on campus, SSM 106–03 permit insurance requirements, EHS 705–04 sales and service of, PDP 202–03 student-athlete use of, SDA 405 tailgaiting, PDP 202–03, SSM 106–03 Alien(s) employment nonstudent, ACD 516 residency reclassification, SSM 205–01 tax requirements independent contractors, FIN 425–04 postdoctoral, payments, FIN 425–06 taxpayer identification numbers, FIN 425–03 All access campus permits, PTS 104 Allocation of REC, RID, and IIA, RSP 106 Americans with Disabilities Act, ACD 405.

The primary direct deposit account is the payroll direct deposit account that is marked as “Remaining” or “100%” on your Banner Employee Self-Service Direct Deposit Breakdown.

Employees are encouraged to review, and update if desired, their direct deposit allocations via the Payroll office’s direct deposit authorization form.

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