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Friendship turned special only by way of long distance (phone) for 6 long months; Adam moved from NY to Tyler 3 months ago to pursue the young Eis-damsel by way of courtship... Along with singing lead vocals, Lazzara plays guitar and occasionally the harmonica.On June 6th, Adam Lazzara married a local girl from Tyler, Tx. This relationship was apparently the reason his wedding to Chauntelle Dupree of Eisley was called off.Since, Lazzara has recorded seven albums with Taking Back Sunday.In the spring of 2006, Adam met Chauntelle Dupree, guitarist of the band Eisley, while on tour.They started dating in fall 2006 and became engaged on February 14, 2007. Scene kids were there so it's probably already being blogged. Adam proposed to Chauntelle in our home town Starbucks... It was quite planned, quite dramatic, quite romantic... How strange is this - If only for 2 days, two daughters engaged at the same time. Eisley was main support on their "Louder Now" tour; We went BACK out w/ them in May... Chauntelle and Adam hung out no more than any of us did...

She would soon become the epitomized and pedestal version of my “perfect” girl.Sean and I also occasionally chat dating (it’s impossible not to, really) and have cheered each other on through relationships since our date.Recently, Sean went through another break up, and in working on moving forward, wrote this very personal account of his favorite break up albums.In the spring of 2006, Adam met Chauntelle Dupree, guitarist of Eisley, while on tour.They were to be married in March 2008, but it was announced by Chauntelle's father in January 2008 that the wedding had been called off and that Chauntelle and Adam had split.

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