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We have officially entered into the summer months of 2017 and wedding season is in full swing.We are just days away from Remnant Fellowship Church celebrating its’ 127th Wedding! First, both people must be capable of being married and free of any impediment (obstacle) that would prevent marriage.Some impediments to marriage include: This is not an exhaustive list.Confronting Cohabitation — In a time when so many people make the mistake of cohabitation, the church has the opportunity to proclaim the hope and promise that are ours through faith in Jesus Christ.The power that raised Christ back to life is the power that brings new life, new possibilities. Christian couples can break through emotional distance to revive their relationships.

The argument is that, if the government requires certain procedures and paperwork to be completed before a marriage is recognized, then a couple should submit themselves to that process.Now just two years later these families, both leaders and early members of Remnant Fellowship Church, will unite once more as Mary Gormsen and Gabe Hamilton make a beautiful covenant before God on July 1st, 2017.The beauty of these two families is expressed in the incredible blossoming of their friendships long before relationships were considered.It is ultimately up to your pastor to determine whether there are any impediments to your marriage.Previous marriage is probably the most common impediment to marriage.

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